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Country Range beefs up its meat offering

Country Range
has launched BBQ pulled pork and two new gourmet burgers to help friers tap into the growing trend for Americana dining and barbecuing.

Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce combines marinated, slow-cooked quality Irish pulled pork in a sticky BBQ sauce which only needs defrosting and reheating. Available in 1kg packs, it is perfect on top of a burger in a brioche bun but equally delicious as a filling in wraps, jacket potatoes or the on-trend Mexican carnitas or tacos.

The two burgers meanwhile include a Gourmet Steak Burger – a tender, rustic-looking patty which boasts 99% meat content and which can be cooked from frozen in just 18 minutes - and an Aberdeen Angus Burger. The latter features the distinctive marbling and texture, making it juicy, flavoursome and ideal for discerning diners. Both burgers are available in 170g servings in packs of 30.

All three products are suitable for coeliacs, nut allergy sufferers and those with lactose intolerant diets and are available exclusively through Country Range Group wholesalers.
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