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SFC adds flavour to its chicken breadings

Southern Fried Chicken
has given its Original Chicken Breading packaging an overhaul and introduced a fresh new flavour.

Original Southern Fried Chicken Breading has been revamped with a vibrant new yellow and red design, giving it a modern edge while retaining all the lip licking flavour customers are accustomed too.

Coinciding with the new look packaging is the launch of Ultimate Lemon Pepper, enabling friers to add variety to their menu and extend their chicken offering. Made using a premium mix of assorted course peppers infused with an intense real lemon flavour, it is said to offer a vibrant fresh taste to breaded chicken.

Quick and simple to use, all friers need to do to spice up their chicken is mix Ultimate Lemon Pepper (available in 1.6kg bags) with Original Southern Fried Chicken Breading.
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