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Hello halloumi

Kismet Kebabs has introduced its own bespoke line of halloumi cheese products

Kismet, better known in the fish and chip shop trade for its kebabs, has introduced three new halloumi cheese products, providing friers with a quick and easy way to extend the menu and appeal to more customers, in particular vegetarians.

Comprising sticks, bites and burgers, the products are made using 100% Cypriot halloumi cheese and wrapped in a crispy crumb coating. Requiring no additional equipment or skill, they can be deep fried from frozen in around three minutes.

The Halloumi Sticks, once cooked, boast a beautiful crisp golden colour and are packed with so much cheese through the middle that they are robust enough to pick up and do not sag. Unlike many similar products, they leave very little grease on the plate or fingers.

The bites, which friers simply cook as they would nuggets or scampi, are ideal finger food to takeaway or can be served in a restaurant with a choice of dips, while its Halloumi Burger makes a substantial meal when served in a bun with salad and chips and a tasty alternative to a standard veggie burger.

Commenting on the new products, Amird Devadasan, operations director, says: “Fried cheese products have become extremely popular with places like McDonald’s and Burger King both adding them to their menus recently.

“We noticed a lot of shops have tried to copy them but the products available just aren’t very good. The cheesesticks, for example, have micro-holes in them, so when they are put into the oil, the cheese leeks out leaving hardly any cheese inside. Also, with a lot of the veggie burgers that shops are using, the peas and sweetcorn often fall out when customers are eating them.

“Our products don’t do any of that. They are made to the highest quality in Cyprus at a BRC accredited factory using Cypriot halloumi for an authentic taste and texture.”

With wide-ranging appeal, Amird believes its new Halloumi Cheese range will be a popular addition to the menu, adding: “A lot of vegetarians are often put off going to a fish and chip shop because the offering is limited, whereas with these products friers can really extend the choice to include much more.
“Plus, they’re so versatile. The bites are great with a side of chips, while the sticks might appeal to someone who doesn’t want chips but wants a snack to go. And the burger, well that’s something a bit different to the usual veggie burger and it has a really nice, firm texture and the filling stays where it should be!”

Amird even recommends serving all three halloumi products together as an attractive lunchtime meal deal aimed at those not wanting fish, pie or sausage.

Developed in-house, the new Halloumi Cheese range is delivered frozen and is available exclusively from Kismet.
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