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Next generation of FilterFlow automatic water boilers

A new six-strong range of automatic water boilers has been launched by Lincat which claim to be easier to use, cheaper to run and simpler to maintain.

The new water FilterFlow boilers are operated from a large touchscreen display menu, which is said to be quick and easy to navigate with both the temperature and timer simple to adjust.

They feature built-in water filtration while a new predictive eco setting learns from usage patterns and switches to low-energy mode for quieter periods. This means the volume of water boiled can be reduced by up to 50%. At the same time, all models incorporate a screw cap indicator probe to monitor lime scale build-up, and an effective descale function to help to avoid engineer call outs.

With models capable of producing from 31 litres of high quality, filtered, hot water per hour up to 60 litres an hour, the boilers also benefit from a narrower footprint, saving valuable counter space.
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