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Almondy launches lactose and gluten free dessert

Swedish bakery Almondy has launched a dessert which is both lactose and gluten free.

Combining chocolate and almonds, Creamy Chocolate Cake with Roasted Almonds is made with Almondy’s famous almond base, layered with smooth, rich chocolate cream, covered with chocolate and then topped with crunchy, lightly roasted almonds.

The cake is expected to be a welcome addition to menus, particularly as Allergy UK states that one in five people have a lactose intolerance, equivalent to 20% of the population.

As well as helping operators gain a bigger slice of the free-from market – valued at £365m in 2014 and estimated to grow by 50% by 2019 – the new dessert simplifies catering for special dietary requirements by cutting down on the number of free-from dessert options needed. This, in turn, keeps menu planning simple, reduces wastage and avoids unnecessary confusion in the kitchen.

Creamy Chocolate Cake with Roasted Almonds is available frozen and pre-cut into 12 slices.
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