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Fryer boasts oil quality sensor and built-in filtration

Featuring Auto Filtration and an Integrated Oil Quality Sensor, the new standalone FilterQuick fryer from Frymaster offers safer frying, cleaning and oil handling.

With its fully-automatic filtration, oil is filtered down to 10 microns to retain the Total Polar Materials below the recommended level. Started and stopped by the push of a button at the front of the fryer, the filter options make it quick and convenient with no doors to open and minimal oil handling.

Meanwhile an optional in-built oil quality sensor helps operators gauge the quality of the oil before indicating when the oil needs to be changed. This, combined with the SMART4U technology such as Oil Attendant, which automatically replenishes oil from an in-cabinet oil supply, is said to help control food and oil quality, oil life and equipment performance, all while improving efficiency and frying superiority.

Using 40% less oil and 10% less energy than previous models, FilterQuick can cook the equivalent of 50lb loads in 30lbs of oil.
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