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Plus20 palm oil offers 20% longer fry life

T. Quality
has launched a new palm oil which it claims can last 20% longer than standard palm, resulting in cost savings for friers.

With an ability to fry at high temperatures and remain stable, Plus20 palm oil has been proven to give the frier 20% longer frying life, which means a shop using 10 blocks of palm oil a week might use only eight blocks of Plus20 during the same frying conditions.

Ideal for periods when trade is slow and oil is held at temperature for longer or heated and cooled, which causes other oils to breakdown, Plus20 is equally suitable for busy shops who need a more stable and durable oil.

As well as cost savings, the extended life is said to give a more consistent colour to food since the same oil is used for longer, and it's free from additives, GM material and allergens, making it a healthy and versatile frying medium.

Available in 12.5kg boxes, T. Quality is currently running a special promotion whereby friers who purchase five boxes of Plus20 can get a sixth case free.
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