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Pulse batter flour offers increased yield and lower oil absorption

V.A. Whitley
has launched a pulse-based batter flour which boasts a third greater yield and almost 50% reduction in oil absorption compared to traditional wheat-based versions.

Taking six months to develop, Whitley’s Pulse Batter Flour uses 100% natural pulse flour, which is made by grinding down edible seeds of legumes.

With a greater ability to absorb water than wheat flour, Whitley’s Pulse Batter Flour gives a better yield factor, requiring up to 33% less flour to produce the same quantity of batter. 

Independent tests, meanwhile, have found that the oil absorbed during frying was reduced by up to 46%. This not only results in a healthier, less greasy product but also cost savings for the frier. In fact, customers who have trialed the product are finding that they can fry 20-25% more fish in the same amount of oil and from the same amount of batter flour. 

What’s more, pulse flour is naturally lower in sodium, starch and sugar than conventional flour, while being higher in protein and fibre, making for a more nutritionally balanced product. 

Available in 1.5kg sample bags. Whitley’s Pulse Batter Flour gives a golden colour and a crispy, even coating to fried food and stands well in a hot cabinet.  
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