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Make more of mushy peas with King Frost Pea Fritters

Fish and chip shops can now offer their customers an alternative to a traditional pot of mushy peas thanks to the new King Frost Naked Mushy Pea Fritters from Young’s Seafood.

Made from rehydrated peas, each individual frozen fritter is portioned into the perfect size, meaning operators simply need to batter and deep fry the fritters, saving valuable time in already busy fish and chip shops.

Creating mushy pea fritters from scratch can be very time-consuming and usually results in inconsistent shapes and sizes. By using the King Frost Naked Mushy Pea Fritters, busy outlets benefit from portion control, and can still use their own batter mix to give them that finishing touch.

Available in case sizes of 60 x 60g, the pea fritters can be served individually as a snack or as an accompaniment chips.
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