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JJ's supports Mayor of London’s healthy eating initiative

National wholesaler JJ Food Service is working together with the Mayor of London’s Healthier Catering Commitment (HCC) to promote healthier eating options. 

Starting with the distribution of a ‘healthier eating’ brochure to its 13,000 fast food customers in the London area, the wholesaler will further support London’s takeaways by offering customers who are signed up to the HCC food award a 10% discount off five HCC-approved items for three months.

The HCC is a voluntary scheme for food outlets in London and encourages them to make small changes to improve the quality of the food they sell. Participating outlets are awarded with the HCC logo. So far 500 restaurants in 22 boroughs have signed up to the voluntary scheme. 

Rosie Boycott, chair of the London Food Board, said: “Getting JJ’s on board is a massive step forward for the Healthier Catering Commitment and I am encouraged that they are taking a lead to change the terrible health outcomes of so much of London’s fast food.”

Terry Larkin, group general manager, JJ Food Service, said: “We are delighted about our partnership with the London Food Board and the HCC. Through making some changes to the menu as well as increasing healthier options available, we want to encourage fast food businesses to purchase healthier products which, in turn, we hope will have a positive impact on what customers eat.”