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Indulge in new luxurious ice cream flavours

Suncream Dairies has extended its popular range of Gelato Gold Italian-style luxury ice cream with the launch of three new flavours.

The new Gelato Gold Lemon Curd Meringue combines crisp meringue pieces with the fresh and zingy taste of the Lemon Curd Meringue ice cream, while Bubblegum & Marshmallow includes Spirulina, a 100% all natural and safe food colouring, and marshmallows which are suitable for vegetarians. Completing the trio of newcomers is the rich and creamy Gelato Gold Clotted Cream.

Like the rest of the Gelato Gold range, the three new flavours are made to traditional family recipes with fresh double cream. All are made in a nut-free environment using a recipe which is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, and are available in 5 litre resealable catering tubs.
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