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Get 10% off selected SFC packaging with Friars Pride

To celebrate the success of its very own Fast Food Systems Southern Fried Chicken section on its website, Friars Pride is offering a 10% discount on selected Southern Fried packaging.

Simply head to the Friars Pride homepage, click on the Southern Fried Chicken Area, add your chosen products to your Wish List and hit submit. A member of the Friars Pride team will then contact you to place your order, complete with 10% off selected packaging products.

From browsing the complete Southern Fried Chicken product range, to vital step-by-step Southern Fried and Piri Piri guides, the dedicated area aims to provide friers with resources and products to perfect and sell delicious Southern Fried Chicken.

All Southern Fried Chicken products are displayed in order of use for convenience whilst browsing, starting with Chickite, Butmil, Breading and Lemon Pepper and heading on to packaging. Due to popular demand, Piri Piri has also been added to Friars Pride’s stocked range, offering the latest Mango and Lime flavour along with Lemon and Herb and a range of spiciness levels available as sauces and marinades.