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Royal Greenland serves up a twist on nuggets and burgers

Global seafood supplier Royal Greenland is launching two innovative new products which put a twist on fast food favourites nuggets and burgers.

Sure to be a hit with children are Ketchup Nuggets. Made using Royal Greenland’s own recipe, the bitesize Alaskan pollock pieces are topped with a small dose of ketchup and then battered.

The recipe includes apple, which not only provides the sweetness that kids love but also a low 0.2 % sugar content. This also overcomes the problem of the ketchup being dangerously hot, which means the sauce and nuggets are the same temperature when cooked and can be consumed not long after they leave the fryer.

And for a twist on a burger or a fish finger sandwich, Royal Greenland has also launched yellow fin sole coated in its popular bread crumb recipe. Said to be ideal served in a burger bun as a premium sandwich option, and marketed as a ‘fishwich’, the yellow fin sole is pre-fried, which means it simply requires deep frying for four minutes before it is ready to serve. It is available in 4.5kg pack sizes.

Both products will be available to sample along with a host of others at Royal Greenland's stand at Friars Pride FRY I.T 2016 exhibition in Peterborough on Sunday 28th February.
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