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Scampi gets a lighter, crispy coating

Young’s Seafood
has created a new and improved, lighter breadcrumb coating for its popular Classic Wholetail Scampi.

The improved coating is said to give diners a crispy, lighter option, whilst providing friers with consistent portion control and a product that cooks in just 3 minutes at 180ºC minutes from frozen.

Perfect for main courses, starters or even as a snack, the new lighter coated Wholetail Scampi is quick and easy to prepare by any member of the kitchen staff making a great accompaniment to chips, peas and tartare sauce or a crisp green salad served with a fresh wedge of lemon.

Available in case sizes of 10x454g, the lighter coated Wholetail Scampi is ideal for establishments looking to save time in the kitchen without compromising on quality.
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