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Brakes recipe builder helps identify allergens & calories

has launched an online recipe builder tool which identifies allergens present in newly created dishes.

Called BRAN, it is said to help friers address their concerns around recipe management and allergen reporting at the touch of a button. At the same time the recipes show full nutritional values per serving enabling friers to display the calories on their menus or provide a range of dishes with less than 500 calories.

For an annual fee friers can access BRAN from a PC, tablet or mobile device and create recipes using the extensive product range available from Brakes and Woodward Foodservice. Friers can then view a list of allergens present in recipes, review the nutritional composition of each recipe and even load photos of the dish to ensure consistent presentation.

There’s also an option to print recipe cards with full ingredients, method, critical control points and notes for other staff to refer to, while selling prices and cost prices for any recipes used can also be added, enabling friers to view an estimated dish cost and percentage gross profit.

Jane Rowe, Brakes’ director of channel marketing comments: “We know our customers frequently seek our help on issues such as regulation compliance, and we’re always looking at different ways to support them. BRAN is the latest example of a solution available only to Brakes and Woodward customers which adds a huge amount of value to their business, removing one of the challenges they face on a daily basis when running a food service operation.
“You must, by law, be able to confirm which of the 14 allergens - from peanuts to celery to lupin - are contained in any of the products or dishes you serve and this can be a daunting task. BRAN takes away the stress by providing ‘at a glance’ information in a format that everyone can access and use with ease. With the threat of prosecution and an unrestricted fine a possibility for those who do not comply with the legislation, BRAN helps caterers to navigate a complicated issue in an extremely user friendly manner.”