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Fill up on new gluten free fudge cake

Funnybones Foodservice
has introduced a gluten free version of the all time classic Chocolate Alabama Fudge Cake.

Promising to be every bit as delicious and moist as a standard chocolate cake, it comprises two soft chocolate sponges with a rich chocolate fudge frosting. 

Pre-portioned into 14 slices for convenience and accurate portion control, the cake can be served as a dessert with cream or ice-cream as well as with tea and coffee at any time of the day. Or how about breaking the slices up and creating a chocolate fudge sundae?

Supplied frozen, the Chocolate Alabama Fudge Cake can be defrosted in the fridge in eight hours, making it a quick and simple sweet offering for gluten free customers. Once defrosted the cake will keep for up to 72 hours.
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