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Coffee takes inspiration from teabags

Dispensing with the need for cafetières or expensive coffee machines is Café du Monde’s new Coffee in a Bag.

Working in the same way as teabags, the coffee bags are simply dropped in to a cup, hot water is added and left for three minutes to infuse. Then the coffee bag can be hygienically disposed of without the messy grounds often associated with ground coffee. The bags are bio-degradable and sealed in aluminium-free sachets that are gas-flushed to keep the product in tip-top condition.

There are two coffees available, a Rainforest Alliance Certified 100% Arabica blend with coffees from El Salvador, Rwanda and Sumatra (£25.95 per box), and Decaffeinated coffee (£26.75), a blend of coffees from Brazil, Peru and Honduras. The coffees are packed in dispenser boxes of 100 with a flip down lid.
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