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Go Pro with Jantex cleaning products

has added to its portfolio of cleaning and hygiene products with the launch of its new Jantex Pro range.

Formulated using highly concentrated commercial cleaning chemicals, Jantex Pro offers products for both front and back of house, including the Jantex Pro Sanitiser. Available in a handy trigger spray bottle or 5 litre container, this high-performance, non-fragranced and ready-to-use kitchen sanitiser is ideal for food preparation and serving areas.

Containing active biocides which eliminate all types of soiling, the advanced, fast acting formula powers through germs on kitchen surfaces, appliances and walls, leaving foodservice environments hygienically clean. The formula has also been EU accredited to ensure that all germs and bacteria are killed in just 30 seconds.

Also included in the range is a washing up liquid, dishwasher detergent and rinse aid, glasswasher detergent and rinse aid, washroom cleaner and thick bleach.
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