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Ready to go gratins

Adding to its Chilled Specialties range, Aviko has launched a selection of fully prepared Premium Gratins offering friers a new way to serve potatoes.

Available in three flavours – Creamy Cheese, French Herbs and Rustic Vegetable – Aviko’s new Premium Gratins are ready to heat and serve, making the ideal accompaniment to a host of dishes, and can even be cooked straight through the packaging for a no-mess, no-fuss menu solution.

Made using thinly sliced potatoes, Creamy Cheese Gratin lives up to its name with a delicious rich and creamy cheese sauce featuring 40% extra cream. French Herbs Gratin is made using 'Herbes de Provence' and garlic for a truly authentic taste, while Aviko’s Rustic Vegetable Gratin combines freshly diced carrot, swede and parsnip blended with a creamy herb sauce.

As well as serving as an accompaniment, friers can also create a main course by adding other ingredients to the gratins, such as salmon, meat or vegetables, before placing in the oven.

All three Premium Gratins are available in 6 x 2kg bags and have a long eight-week chilled shelf life.
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