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Brakes puts 100% Scottish scampi on the menu

has launched the first wholesale range of 100% Scottish scampi.

Made using only Scottish langoustines, landed, produced and packed in Scotland by Brakes’ partners Dawnfresh, the new and improved own brand scampi range has been benchmarked against competitors to give friers confidence that they are serving a quality product that their customers will enjoy.

The range, which includes formed, wholetail and single wholetail scampi, has been reduced from twelve to six products with a clear tiering structure put in place to make it easier to understand how the different qualities of scampi can be used on a variety of different menus.

A series of menu suggestions have also been created to show how versatile scampi can be, for example whole tails of scampi coated in a golden crumb, served on a mini platter with corn on the cob, spicy wedges and barbecue sauce.

Andrew Crawford, category manager at Brakes, says: “Scampi is a firm British favourite so it brings us huge pride to be able to offer our customers great tasting scampi with a truly unique provenance message. The new product tiering structure also makes it easier than ever before for caterers to identify the right scampi for their business and we are confident we can offer a product to meet any customer’s needs.”

Robert Mathieson, National Account Manager for Dawnfresh, said: “Scottish langoustine is the best in the world, the quality of the new scampi range is fantastic. As well as maximising traditional sales of scampi and chips, the new serving suggestions should inspire caterers to grow scampi sales by using it in new ways across different parts of the menu.”
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