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Pukka revives family recipe to revamp chicken pie

Pukka Pies
is refining its chicken and mushroom pie filling using a traditional recipe that dates back over 50 years.

The revised pie will feature extra chicken stock to give a meatier fuller flavour, replicating the very recipe that Valerie Storer, wife of the founder of Pukka Pies, created in her home kitchen in the same year that the Leicestershire-based family business began in 1963.

The decision to base the changes on the original recipe comes from the company’s desire to give its customers the best-possible taste experience and deliver products of the highest-quality.

Pukka Pies’ brand manager Sally Voss, explains: “Having fed the nation for over fifty years, some of our customers today remember Pukka Pies from the 1960s. With most things, the original is often the best, which is why we decided to base the new recipe on Mrs Storer’s original chicken and Mushroom recipe.

“The decision endorses our family values and reiterates our focus on quality. We have, and always will, pride ourselves on providing good, honest food. We are confident this recipe refresh will satisfy the nation’s taste buds!”

Featuring the finest pieces of tender chicken and mushroom in a rich, creamy sauce, pie lovers will be able to enjoy the new flavour of Mrs Storer’s famous Chicken and Mushroom Pie from the end of this month.

A ‘retro’ feel poster, which shows a mouth-watering picture of the delicious revived recipe and historic photographs of the company dating back to the early days before automation when all the pies were made by hand, has been produced to support the launch. It is available free of charge to fish and chip shops along with all the other point of sale material.

The company started life in Leicester in 1963 when husband and father-of-three Trevor Storer quit his job and founded ‘Trevor's Homemade Pie Company’, making and selling great-tasting pies.

In 1964, Trevor renamed the company ‘Pukka Pies’ and, to this day, it remains an independent, family-run business, and makes over 60 million pies and pasties every year.