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Mom's beefs up its hot dog range

has a new addition to its range of gourmet hot dogs –  the Beefy Dog.

A skinless, quarter pounder dog made from 86% prime beef, it has a firm, extra smooth texture and a meaty flavour which is boosted with a hint of smoke, gained from gently smoking over beechwood. 

In the US, hot dogs, or ‘Franks’, have traditionally been made with beef or a mixture of 60% beef and 40% pork, where here in the UK we have favoured pork - until now!  Mom’s Beefy Dog has been two years in development, ensuring an authentic recipe profile, in line with the expanding trend for US style foods.  

Mom’s Beefy Dog has no artificial flavours or colours, is available in packs of 5 x 112g and has a shelf life of six months chilled.
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