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Get a better clean with new Flash 3in1

P&G Professional is adding to its Flash All Purpose Cleaner range with new Flash 3in1.

Designed to provide three products in one, a disinfectant, surface and glass cleaner, it is said to offer better value for hospitality professionals.

The spray’s disinfecting properties eliminate 99.99% of bacteria while it effectively cleans greasy streaks and uses alcohol to leave glass streak free.

On average, operators spend £124.45 each month on cleaning products – that’s almost a whopping £1,500 each year. Therefore, professionals need products they can trust and a product that they know will provide the perfect clean.

Commenting on Flash 3in1, Mark Porst, commercial director UK & Ireland for P&G Professional, said: “We are determined to help hospitality businesses thrive in an increasingly tough and competitive business environment. Flash 3in1 is a high quality product that replaces three products with just one, making it easier and cheaper to clean your business - combine with the efficiency and trustworthiness of a well-known brand and you have a winning solution for busy operators.”
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