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£50 Facebook promotion pays off for Harbour Lights

With so many different types of media available these days to market your business through it can be difficult to decide where to spend your money and, more importantly, what's a good deal. Peter Fraser, owner of Harbour Lights in Falmouth, Cornwall, recently opted for a paid for promotion via Facebook and believes it was £50 well spent.

The story starts with a personalised number plate “K155 COD” which Peter bought for £375 about five years ago and which has been on his 13 year old VW T4 Caravelle ever since.

Peter comments: “I realised that I had this large mobile billboard that was driving around our local area a lot and it was wasted just being a boring silver colour. Harbour Lights went through a major refit and rebrand in January this year and part of that was a new design for our takeaway boxes. In a bit of a light bulb moment I thought about wrapping my van so that it looked like one of our takeaway boxes on wheels. Personally I am really happy with the end result and everyone else bar one seems to love it too. For some odd reason my 15-year-old daughter Brooke does not like me to pick her up from school any more.”

Over the last few years Harbour Lights has built up a large Facebook following, 2412 at the last count, and it finds postings are a very easy, quick and free way to get information and stories out to our fans in the local community. Peter continues: “On this occasion, I thought the update of the new Harbour Lights wheels was a strong enough story to merit some extra promotion. For the princely sum of £50, Facebook sent it out on our behalf to 21,184 of their users in our local area. We had the option to select target audiences by sex, age, geographical areas and hobbies and interests. Through this promotion we picked up another 85 followers. To maximise the chance of engagement I included a competition to help name the van. Online we received 278 entries and the winner was chosen as “Mobi-One-Codobi” although “Chippy Chippy Bang Bang” was a close second.

“I believe that £50 was money so well spent. Conventional print advertising couldn’t give me as much exposure for so little money.”


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