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Nisbets acts on allergens with labels and signs

Next day catering equipment specialist Nisbets has introduced a range of Vogue Allergen labels to make it easier for fish and chip shops to highlight key allergens.

The selection of easy-peel labels includes common allergens such as milk, eggs and peanuts as well as less common ones such as molluscs and soya beans.  The 1 inch labels come in packs of 1,000 and leave no residue on products so if a label needs to be removed it won’t leave any unwanted marks on your products.   The blue, white and red design is said to make them clear enough to stand out, making it easier for customers to identify what they can and can’t eat from a menu.

As well as being ideal for packaged products, the labels save time in the kitchen with no need to worry about ticking a box to highlight the presence of an allergen – simply place a quality label on the product.

In addition, Nisbets has also introduced a range of signs from the Table Notice, to double sided Food Allergen Window and Wall Stickers, offering practical and affordable ways of ensuring friers following legislation and keep customers safe.
Nisbets 0845 1405555 www.nisbets.co.uk/vogue


Brand power

With the barriers to branded packaging slowly coming down, it’s becoming a more viable option for independent fish and chip shops

Make a stir with customised edible straws

Twelve months after launching the edible straw, disposable manufacturer Herald has introduced printed versions for outlets wanting to stand out from the crowd

Hot2Home puts an end to soggy fries

Frozen potato supplier Lamb Weston has launched a new variety of fry which together with bespoke packaging ensure fries remain hot and crispy during transport for up to 20 minutes

JJ website now features Eco-Friendly Packaging line

JJ Foodservice has launched an Environmentally Friendly packaging category to its website to make it easier for customers to find eco-friendly solutions
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