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Go wild for rod and line caught sea bass

Whole wild sea bass, caught in the UK off the Dorset coast, is the latest addition to the M&J Seafood line-up.

The prime wild bass are rod and line caught, then tagged with the name of the fishing boat and the place where they were caught, before being delivered to the kitchen in exactly the same condition as they left the sea.

Skipper Ian Taylor heads up the boat Shaman which has been rod and line fishing for the best wild sea bass out of Portland Bill, Weymouth, for years. His latest M&J Seafood catch comes from his fourth successful year fishing off his boat, making for a great story to communicate to customers.

Fried, grill, pan fried, or packed with herbs and cooked in foil in the oven, this white-fleshed fish is great served with chunky chips or a light salad. M&J Seafood is offering two sizes of whole wild sea bass, 454g-900g, 1-2lb fish or the larger 0.9kg-1.8kg, 2-4lb catch, with availability expected to last until February at the latest.
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