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Free dispenser for friers who ditch cardboard boxes

In a bid to get friers to experience effortless dispensing of cling film, aluminium foil and baking parchment paper, Wrap Film Systems is giving away free samples of its Wrapmaster Duo and Wrapmaster Compact as part of its Wrap Smart campaign.

The dispensers are said to offer improved kitchen efficiency, less packaging waste and a 35% reduction in product waste.

Friers can get “Wrap Smart” and bag themselves a free pre-loaded Wrapmaster Duo or Compact simply by visiting www.wrap-smart.co.uk. The Wrapmaster Duo dispenses two types of material, or can be used for large volume users of one material. Taking up 40% less space than having two dispensers, it can distribute cling film, aluminium foil, non-stick foil, foil lined parchment, or roasting film.

The Wrapmaster Compact, meanwhile, is perfect for those smaller kitchens with limited space, taking up the same area as a traditional 30cm cutter box.

Paul Feery, marketing director, Wrap Film Systems, comments: “We’ve all experienced the frustrations of tangled and ripped cling film. In a professional kitchen when the pressure is on, efficiency is everything and something as simple as dispensing cling film shouldn’t be a headache. We want the industry to “Wrap Smart” and speed up operations, reduce wastage and above all save money, which is why we’re launching our new campaign.”


Brand power

With the barriers to branded packaging slowly coming down, it’s becoming a more viable option for independent fish and chip shops

Make a stir with customised edible straws

Twelve months after launching the edible straw, disposable manufacturer Herald has introduced printed versions for outlets wanting to stand out from the crowd

Hot2Home puts an end to soggy fries

Frozen potato supplier Lamb Weston has launched a new variety of fry which together with bespoke packaging ensure fries remain hot and crispy during transport for up to 20 minutes

JJ website now features Eco-Friendly Packaging line

JJ Foodservice has launched an Environmentally Friendly packaging category to its website to make it easier for customers to find eco-friendly solutions
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