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Sprats the way to do it

M&J Seafood’s
Seeded Jack Sprats bring a modern twist to an old favourite.

Made with fish caught off the coast of Devon and Cornwall in the small purse seine nets that are often used to catch herring or mackerel shoals, the sprats are topped and tailed, then coated in the crispy crumb, a blend of quinoa, linseed and poppy seeds.

The small, oil-rich fish can be served as a simple starter with a homemade tartare sauce or salsa, added to a fish platter or a burger bun and served alongside fries or a side salad, or they can replace anchovies in a classic Caesar salad.

M&J Seafood’s Seeded Jack Sprats are available frozen in 1X500g packs, offering 80 to 100 fish per kg. Rated 3 by the Marine Conservation Society, they are a sustainable alternative to both blanchbait and whitebait, and also feature on the M&J Seafood Safely Sourced Seafood List, an initiative that helps caterers to make responsible choices when sourcing seafood.
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