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Stokes steps up its sauces with sachet range

Stokes Sauces
, better known for its bottled condiments, is launching what it describes as a range of “generous but sensible” contemporary sauce sachets.

Offering eight popular varieties including Tomato Ketchup, Real Mayonnaise, Brown Sauce, Classic English Mustard and Tartare Sauce, the 32-40g portions are a significant increase on the standard 10g sachets, giving customers a larger portion.

Made at the ‘Stokes Saucery’ in the heart of rural Suffolk, the sauces are packed with real ingredients. For example 100g of its ketchup contains 200g of Italian vine ripened tomatoes. The sachets will be available across a number of distributors with a recommended selling price of 20-25p.

Rick Sheepshanks, managing director of Stokes Sauces, comments: “Our new ‘generous but sensible’ sachets provide consumers with top quality sauces made with real ingredients in a size which means they are not left wanting more.”
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