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Drywite duo

Drywite has launched two new products specifically for the fish and chip shop sector

Eco-friendly drain cleaner

Providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to prevent blocked and foul smelling drains is new BioDrain.

Available in a 200g one-dose sachet, BioDrain uses natural enzymes which digest starch, fats and other waste, removing any blockages and smells. The sachet is simply placed into the drain or gully and is activated when water touches it, dissolving the packaging and releasing the powder.

BioDrain is completely biodegradable making it environmentally friendly and, as such, has been approved by water companies as being safe to use.
Martin Clarke, sales and marketing manager for Drywite, comments: “We’ve spent about 12 months developing this product and there is nothing else like it on the market. It’s not a chemical unblocking system but a completely environmentally friendly product. Regular use will not only leave shops with clean and clear drains, but will also prove a lot cheaper than a call out to have their drains cleaned or unblocked.

“Water authorities, local authorities and EHOs are all becoming more concerned about what is going into the drains. We understand that in Scotland legislation is coming into force shortly which will limit the use of grease traps, so this system will be very important there.”

Sachets cost £8.25 and are available in boxes of six. It is recommended that friers use BioDrain once a week with doses varying between one and two sachets depending on the volume of water going down the drains. Call now for a free sample.

Increase profits with countertop dispenser

To help generate additional profits for fish and chip shops Drywite has introduced a countertop dispenser for its non-brewed condiments (NBC).

Made from high grade cardboard, the dispenser forms a rigid display which holds two of its popular 315ml bottles. With a space to write in the price, customers no longer need to request a bottle or ask how much, they can simply reach out and take one from the counter.

Martin comments: “We wanted to raise awareness that NBC is available and encourage customers to buy a bottle by taking this popular fish and chip shop condiment down from the back shelf and bringing it forward and having it clearly priced.”

With shops buying in the condiments at around 70p and Drywite recommending a selling price of £1.50, friers can stand to make an additional £9.60 profit per case.

“The dispenser is generating a lot of new interest,” adds Martin. “The feedback from chip shops that have been using it already is that they are seeing sales double and in some cases triple.”

The presenter is available free to customers from Drywite and is also packed inside cases of NBC bought directly from distributors. NBC is available in three varieties original, onion and gluten free.
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