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Yuca Fries hope to take root in foodservice

Offering a completely different alternative to potato or sweet potato fries, Funnybones Foodservice has launched Yuca Fries.

Pronounced ‘You Ka’, they are made from cassava, a root vegetable native to Central and South America.

Much like potatoes, once cooked Yuca Fries form a crispy coating with a soft but more densely textured centre. Holding their crispiness well, they are described as having a delicate flavour profile that works well on their own, with a dip or served as an accompaniment to everything from burgers and chicken to fish or sandwiches.

Available in 1 x 20 x 500g packs, Yuca Fries can be fried from frozen at 180ºC and will be ready in three to four minutes.
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