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New cleaning products are tough on dirt & eco-friendly

London Bio Packaging has launched a new range of planet-friendly cleaning products which do not pollute the environment and which biodegrade within 28 days.

The zeco ‘eco-cleaners’ use exclusive bio-technology, in the form of natural bacteria and enzymes, which break down dirt, grease and grime, allowing ‘good’ bacteria to then consume it. Because they continue to eat away until no dirt is left, the cleaning process keeps on working and means that the zeco products are tough on dirt but safe for use in food environments.

Comprising nine products, including floor and all-surface cleaner, odour eliminator, and washing-up and dishwasher liquids, the products are supplied in recyclable bottles and in individual units, not cases. Many of the zeco products are ready-to-use, with no need for diluting, while for safe use and easy reference, all the products are colour-coded and correspond to colour-coded usage sheets.

A range of free support material is also available including product information sheets, wall charts, hand-held pocket cards, a training video and front-of-house certificates.
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