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Save time and money with oil testing probe

Testo has developed a new and improved probe which it says is faster and more reliable at determining the quality of cooking oil.

Featuring a stronger probe and more robust connections between the housing, the probe shaft and the sensor, the Testo 270 measures the Total Polar Material (TPM) content in cooking oil, which is a sure indicator of its quality. Cooking oil develops its best potential between 14 and 20% TPM. If the oil is too old, it shows an increased TPM value, and deep-fried goods of inferior quality and taste are produced. Furthermore, it can contain substances which present a risk to health.

Regular measurement with the Testo 270, however, will not only prevent this and ensure perfect fried food, but also reduce cooking oil costs by up to 20% a year by stopping friers from throwing away oil too early.

The unit can be cleaned under running water and features an 86% larger display and a traffic-light alarm system making it easier to evaluate the quality of the cooking oil.
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