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ETI launches colour-coded thermometer and timer

The ChefAlarm professional cooking thermometer and timer from ETI is now available in five food safe colours – blue, green, red, white and yellow.

The unit incorporates a fully programmable count up/down timer and includes a multi-functional LCD display which simultaneously indicates the elapsed time, the current and the min/max temperatures during a cooking cycle. A 92dB alarm sounds when the food reaches the pre-determined temperature or programmed time.

The ChefAlarm measures temperature over the range -50 to 300°C, with an accuracy of better than ±1 °C, although it is possible to fine-tune its accuracy to better than ±0.5°C; ideal for critical food safety areas. A one-touch backlight button, meanwhile, allows the user to read the display in poor light conditions.

Priced at £35, each ChefAlarm is supplied with a stainless steel food penetration probe for spot checking the temperature of food during storage or for use inside an oven to monitor the whole cooking cycle.

An optional miniature needle probe is also available for thin or tiny food portions, as well as Sous Vide cooking, where the probe and its cable can be immersed in the water bath.
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