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Connoisseur fries offer appearance of freshly prepared chips

Potato specialist Lamb Weston has launched what it describes as an artisanal range of chips.

The new Connoisseur Fries feature irregular and rough cut potatoes to give a look of hand-crafted and freshly prepared fries while combining a crispy outer layer with a fluffy inside.

The authentic appearance of the fries allows establishments to offer home-cooked style food without the cost and time constraints of making from scratch.

The fries are available in 4 x 2.5kg bags and in four varieties – Rustic Fry with skin on, 16x18 skin off Chunky Fry, 13x13 Homestyle Fry skin on, and 11x11 Homestyle Fry skin on. All can be fried from frozen at 175°C in three to four minutes.

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