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Mid-range electronic cash register launched

Card payment provider Chip & PIN Solutions has teamed up with electronics giant Sharp to create a mid-range Electronic Cash Register with a fully integrated Chip and PIN payment solution.

The Chip & PIN cash register automatically feeds data through to the card payment device and vice versa, making transactions both fast and accurate. It also offers the user the flexibility of a portable card terminal for easy use behind a bar or till point.

Two versions are available, the ERA421 which features a preprogrammed splash and dust resistant flat keyboard while the ERA411 has a traditional key button facia.

In addition, to a comprehensive menu of functions, which include a fully customisable keyboard, an advanced table management system for tracking orders, and promotional features to help with upselling, the integration of the card payment into the cash register eliminates the risk of server error; a huge advantage particularly during busy service periods. In addition, the card terminal is contactless which means the customer simply swipes the card for transactions under £20 making the whole process very fast.
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