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The Batter Company rebrands as Ceres

Fish and chip shop supplier The Batter Company has rebranded to become Ceres Fish & Chips.

The move follows a rapid expansion by the company, which started out selling batter mix in 2007 and whose portfolio has since grown to include gravy, curry and fishcake mixes.

The nutritional analysis arm, The Fish & Chips Test, has also been brought under the new identity and is now known as Ceres Analysis, while a separate division has been set up for creating bespoke recipes called Ceres Bespoke.

The new company name takes its inspiration from Ceres the mythological goddess of agriculture who the Romans would pray to for a good harvest.

Commenting on the rebranding, managing director Stelios Theocharous says: “We are proud and excited to announce our new company name, The World of Ceres. The new name better represents the wide range of successful products that we create and manufacture.

“When we first started in 2007 we didn’t have any intention to grow as we did. Our growth was organic and pushed by our customers."

He adds: “We are the same great team and can assure customers that they will receive the same great quality and great service that they expect. We would also like to assure our customers that no products are changing, the formulas are all staying the same.”

Fish and chip shops can expect to see the new branding phased in over the course of 2015 when a new website will also be launched.