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New labels for providing allergen information

To help friers comply with the new Food Information Regulation, Planglow has introduced a range of three labels that can be applied directly to packaging.

Combining allergen and kitchen prep information in one handy quick-tick label, the Allergen Label is said to ensure transparency, improve kitchen practices and support consumer safety. It comes on an easy-tear roll in a handy dispenser and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C.

Prima Nutri Label, meanwhile, features a fold-over design with a silver front label for overprinting basic product information and a large white back panel for ingredients, nutritional box and barcode.

Finally, the Plain Nutri Label is ideal for friers looking to add allergen info, nutritional data, ingredients and barcode to the back of the pack, but without changing their existing front of pack labelling. It can also be used for internal and back of house processes too due to its spacious sizing – friers simply use LabelLogic to create barcodes, batch numbers, multiple dates and weights.

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