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Japanese scallops offer value for money

M&J Seafood is offering an affordable alternative to the European and US scallops by introducing a Japanese variety.

Naturally found in the sheltered, shallow bays of the sub-Arctic coastal areas of the eastern Pacific, Japanese scallops are mostly cultivated on suspended ropes and nets, unlike dredged scallops, ensuring they don’t pick up any grit from the seabed. While they are slightly different in appearance to the better-known scallop varieties, they share all the flavour and texture, minus the high price tag.

The roeless Japanese delicacies are tender and sweet, the perfect foil for robust ingredients such as bacon, black pudding or chorizo.

Low in fat and a good source of protein, M&J’s fresh Japanese scallops are also excellent value for money, helping friers to keep tasty scallop dishes on the menu at an affordable price point.
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