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Squeeze valve dispenses of messy bottles and wastage

A new system for pouring sauces promises to deliver the perfect portion while eliminating messy bottles and wasted product.

The Ultimate Liquid Sauce Dispenser, which is fitted to upturned sauce containers, features a valve which when squeezed allows accurate, controllable dispensing. Once pressure is released, the valve completely seals which prevents the sauce from dripping, meaning no more messy, unhygienic or sticky bottles. What’s more, because the containers are hung upside down, gravity ensures the very last drop of product is dispensed from the bottle so that nothing is wasted.

Made from the highest quality food grade materials, the dispenser is said to be ideal for all manner of sauces and can be easily dismantled for cleaning. 

It is available in two different thread sizes making it simple to screw into a range of containers, and comes with various options for hanging, including a wall mount and a table stand.
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