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Lincat induction hobs offer 90% efficiency

has added two new energy efficient induction hobs to its portable, table-top range.

The IH3 single cooking zone and IH42 four cooking zone offer 90% efficiency compared with a solid electric hotplate at 55% and a gas hob at 50%.

Not only does this reduce operating costs but it also helps maintain a more comfortable kitchen temperature, and reduces demand on air conditioning systems. At the same time, they deliver rapid heat-up and almost twice the cooking power of a similarly rated gas hob.

Further energy savings are made due to a pan detection function, which switches the power off when the pan is removed from the hob, and an automatic heat up function, which switches to a pre-set lower level for simmering.

Both hobs feature 6mm thick, high impact-resistant Schott Ceran glass ceramic surfaces, 13amp plugs, easy to use rotary controls with LED display, an easy-to-change filter and a powerful internal cooling fan with overheat protection.

The two hobs complement the IH21 two cooking zone model launched in 2011.
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