Rainbow trout adds colour to the menu

Sustainably sourced and carrying a Freedom Food logo is whole rainbow trout from M&J Seafood.

Coming from the deep lochs of northern Scotland, M&J Seafood’s whole trout are described as being superior in quality due to the farming methods. Flowing currents and low stocking densities mimic the way the fish would live naturally, resulting in high quality, clean tasting trout that are harvested regularly, all year round.

What’s more, the supplier is the first in the UK to be approved by Freedom Food to the RSPCA’s welfare standards for farmed Rainbow Trout.

With each rainbow weighing between 340g and 400g (12oz -14oz), M&J recommends serving the fish  whole and either grilled, pan fried or oven baked, for a substantial main course. 
M&J Seafood 01296 610600 www.mjseafood.com