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Almondy’s new gluten free desserts have brand power

has partnered with Cadbury and Philadelphia to bring two new gluten-free frozen desserts to its range.

Offering a real point of difference, Almondy’s Cadbury Gluten-Free Chocolate & Almond Cake is the only Cadbury branded gluten-free dessert out-of-home. The cake combines layers of chocolate cream with a naturally tasty almond base, which is then smothered with Cadbury Dairy Milk and topped with Cadbury Dairy Milk buttons.

The Philadelphia Gluten-Free Almond Layered Lemon Cheesecake, meanwhile, combines an almond base with layers of creamy Philadelphia, covered in fresh lemon frosting. The new cheesecake also offers the brand power of the UK’s top cream-cheese, with Philadelphia boasting a 70.7% market share.

Both desserts come frozen and pre-portioned and provide a coeliac friendly option.
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