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New pizza accessories available from LLK

To complement its comprehensive range of Cuppone pizza equipment, Linda Lewis Kitchens (LLK) has introduced two new ranges of accessories.

To assist with all elements of pizza making, from the mixing of the dough through to serving the finished product, the standard range comprises pizza pans, paddles, cutters, screens, separator disks, stacking racks, oven brushes and dough dockers. The range also includes parmesan shakers, dough trays, can openers, ladles, pizza pan grippers, rocker knives, turners and scrapers.

Meanwhile, the luxury collection boasts pizza peels, scrapers, cutters, spatulas, oven brushes, dough dockers together with a luxury boxed kit that houses all of the individual items.

As with the Cuppone brand, all pizza accessories are made from only the highest quality materials.
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