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Storage containers lock in freshness for longer

Featuring a vacuum valve system, the new Pac’n’Vac range of storage containers from Mitchell & Cooper expel air giving a 100% airtight seal and keeping food fresher for longer.

Initial scientific tests commissioned by Mitchell and Cooper showed that strawberries stored in the Pac’n’Vac container lasted at least five times longer than those placed in a non-vacuum container.

Two versions of the containers are available – Gastronorm Compatible Pac’n’Vac which feature lockable wings, and the Pac’n’Vac Standard container which is more streamlined, without the wings. However, all sizes in the range comply with Gastronorm standard measurements.

All containers in the range are 100mm deep and are freezer safe. And, with colour-coordinated lids, contents are easily identifiable and the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated. What’s more, the optional addition of a day indicator allows friers to keep track of stored foods, and can be easily removed for cleaning or a change of contents.
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