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Second chippy for Hodgson's

After 16 years in the trade, husband and wife team Nigel and Linda Hodgson are to open their second fish and chip shop in Lancaster.

The pair have bought The Fishing Net just one mile away from the original Hodgson's Chippy – Prospect Street.

It will reopen as Hodgson's Chippy – Scotforth Road after a £95,000 refurbishment including the installation of a Kiremko high efficiency 4 pan counter range.

Nigel comments: “We have always played around with the idea of opening a second shop, then we decided to move house, buy sheep and live life in the country. Then I get a call from the previous owner of the new site, quizzing me as to whether I would like to buy his run down, extremely dirty, only five bags of potatoes a week shop. After speaking with him for a couple of days, the deal was done!”

Hodgson's current shop manager, Paul Eden, is also an equal business partner in the new venture and will head up the chippy along with 14 other members of staff. 

Nigel adds: “I have always said that we would like to "look after" Paul but with the one shop it could have proved difficult, especially considering we have three children too. So we asked Paul to become an equal partner at the new shop and he very quickly agreed.”

The menu will be a carbon copy of its current one, which includes haddock, cod, scampi, homemade fishcakes as well as pies, puddings, sausages and burgers. 

Nigel sees the venture as a great opportunity to attract a new audience to fish and chips, adding: “I strongly believe that over the past few years with the previous owner steadily destroying his business down to a mere five bags for a six day week, there are a lot of local people that don't eat fish and chips now in the new businesses postcode. They either don't drive or can't be bothered to tackle the journey and parking issues we have at our original site.

“Lancaster is talking about us already thanks to Facebook and is looking forward to having another Hodgson's Chippy opening up. The new business will help to relieve the long queues we have at present, as well as feeding the hungry chimney pots surrounding the new business.”