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Branded cart for hot dogs on the move

Mom’s Fabulous Hot Dogs
has launched a fully branded cart for friers wanting to serve hot dogs anytime, anywhere. 

Available for £1,500 (plus delivery & VAT), the cart is equipped with two bain-maries, which can hold up to 140 hot dogs. It is electric powered but if preferred, can accommodate gas powered bain-maries and has storage for up to two gas bottles.  A waterproof parasol is also included.

The carts feature Mom’s retro style livery on hardwearing vinyl with customised menus and POS also available.

Made using the finest cuts of fresh, coarse-ground meat for a firmer texture and superior flavour, a variety of hot dogs are available including Chilli Cheese, Mom’s Original Hot Dog and Mom’s Bad Boy, a larger sausage for hungrier appetites. 
Mom’s 0845 548 2100