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Merlin Masterfry features a more powerful motor

The new Merlin Masterfry from Premier 1 Filtration is said to be the most powerful, quietest and efficient filter machine available on the market.

The 56 litre capacity unit is now powered by a 0.37Kw motor, which drives a 22 litre per minute pump. Until now a 0.25Kw motor has been the largest one available. It also features the company’s latest activated carbon superpad for optimum filtration.

While the larger motor provides more powerful suction, the activated carbon pad offers a large reactive and adsorptive surface area with thousands of interconnected graphite-based platelets, which create interior channels, holes, and pockets. This increased adsorptive capacity over other filter types, results in a filter media that achieves superior contaminant removal down to the nominal range of 0.5 micron. This reduces the quantity of food contaminants found in used cooking oil or fat so prolonging the life of the oil and giving a consistent quality to fried foods.
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You can see the Merlin Masterfry at the Fish Frying & Fast Food Show in October. Click here to register for your free tickets.