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M&J adds frozen queen scallops to the mix

Queen Scallops in a Half Shell are now available frozen from M&J Seafood.

An affordable alternative to fresh varieties, the scallops are fished daily from the clear, deep waters that surround the Isle of Man, where they are said to thrive within the plankton-rich tides. Once landed, they are hand-shucked under stringent controls and promise full traceability.

Promising the same great quality and flavour as fresh versions, they defrost quickly and cook in minutes.

M&J recommeds offering five as a starter or ten as a main course and suggests serving them with lime and chilli, pan frying with garlic and tomato sauce or simply grillling with sea salt and butter.

M&J’s Queen Scallops in a Half Shell are packed in 3kg pack with 40 to 60 scallops per kg.
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