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Fingertiser launches portable hand sanitiser at Fry Show

Visitors to this year’s Fish Frying & Fast Food Show will be among the first to see a brand new portable hand sanitiser which eliminates the spread of germs and bacteria in the workplace.

Fingertiser, which will be showcased at Sandown Park Racecourse on Sunday 12th October, attaches to clothing, providing hygiene at the fingertips of staff all day, every day.

Dispensing a controlled amount of antibacterial gel to sanitise the parts of the hand that come in to contact with, and transmit bacteria, most often, it eliminates a range of germs that cause illnesses including the common cold or flu, E. coli and salmonella.

With research by Queen Mary University of London showing that one in 10 bank cards and one in seven notes are contaminated with faecal organisms, the unit is ideal for staff to use after handling cash. What’s more, with many germs transmitted by staff touching their faces, or by handling cutlery and glasses used by an infected person, the gel can decrease the spread of viruses to others and, in turn, reduce the millions of working days lost annually due to employees being off sick.

Fingertiser, which dispenses around 350 shots of gel, can also be wall mounted and retails at around £2.50. Visitors to the Fish Frying & Fast Food Show can see the device in action and speak to the sales team who will be on hand to answer any questions.

Mark Savage, who invented the sanitiser and uses it at the Wetherby Whaler in Yorkshire where he is general manager, comments: "Fingertiser puts hygiene at your fingertips in any situation, it’s ready to use 24hrs a day instantly and could help reduce the chances of contaminants reaching food."

John Macintyre, co-founder at Fingertiser, comments: "As a business focussing on hand hygiene, especially in areas where money and food are simultaneously handled, we recognise the importance of the fast food and catering industry and are looking forward to sharing Fingertiser with all attendees at the Fish Frying & Fast Food Show. After all, Fingertiser was invented by the general manager of a chain of highly successful fish and chip outlets, and in his own words: “Fingertiser was designed by one of us, for all of us".”

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